Angelo Vallillo – Zullo & Holland’s Creative Director

I started hairdressing relatively late, about 10 years ago, though it’s in the family and been part of my life since I was young. My mum had a salon and we lived in the flat above, and my uncle and now business partner, Romano, founded Zullo & Holland when I was just five years old. But still, I never thought of it as something I’d do myself until Romano told me I’d be a natural and suggested I give it a go. Well, he was right; as soon as I started I knew it was what I wanted to do.

Within a short time I started thinking of the possibilities my new career offered. I dreamed of developing an outstanding salon where creativity and talent could shine. I wanted a great team and to create an environment where clients could feel relaxed and kick back while they enjoyed the best service possible.

Personally, I wanted to work on my skills and build a reputation for outstanding styling, whether that’s for my clients in-salon or for fashion and photography work. I’ve worked hard at every aspect of my job and it’s been an incredible journey so far. I am involved in London, New York and Paris Fashion Weeks, I have won a fair few awards (see below), I’m the first ever British hairdresser to join the International Art Team of Sebastian, one of the world’s biggest hair product manufacturers, and I’m hairdresser for Drama magazine as well as doing shoots for big, glossy magazines like Vogue.

In 2013 I became a partner with my uncle, Romano, in Zullo & Holland, which has given me even more opportunities to develop the business side of things. Together we make a great team and will keep on working to make sure Zullo & Holland is one of the UK’s top salons.


Angelo awards


  1. Hair magazine’s Salon Stylist of the Year, and member of the Hall of Fame


  1. British Hairdressing Awards, Eastern Hairdresser of the Year
  2. Most Wanted Awards, Business Thinker of the Year
  3. Hair magazine’s Salon Stylist of the Year


  1. British Hairdressing Awards, Eastern Hairdresser of the Year
  2. Fellowship for British Hairdressing, Signature Image of the Year


  1. Hair magazine, Salon Stylist of the Year
  2. Hair and Beauty Awards, East Midlands Salon of the Year (Zullo & Holland)


  1. Creative Head It Awards, shortlisted for It Guy
  2. British Hairdressing Awards, shortlisted for Eastern Hairdresser of the Year


  1. Creative Head It Awards, shortlisted for Visionary


  1. Gold Medal, Young Talent,Wella TrendVision Awards UK; represented Britain in world final


  1. Style Genius, Redken Tribe