Bespoke Styling

The unique experience at Zullo & Holland is the result of a culture totally oriented towards fashion, from our constant presence behind the scenes at Fashion Week, styling ultra-hip fashion spreads in top magazines like Verve and DRAMA, to being on fast dial for top campaigns like Gucci.

It’s made us the go-to destination for those who need the A-list treatment but not the drag of commuting to London to get it. In our VIP suite we can customise the perfect look with our bespoke service, our promise of the ultimate journey to perfection.

Here individuals seeking that next level of styling or groups deserving of extra-special care can combine the unique and internationally recognised styling genius of Angelo Vallillo with the creative, experienced talents of our master colourists or our extension specialists.

Our bespoke service is the cornerstone of our culture, it feeds our creativity and our passion.