Fresh international role for Angelo

If you’ve ever wondered whether our stylists are at the cutting edge of hairdressing, we can put your mind at ease. Proof is in the pudding, as they say. We’re terribly chuffed, even verging on smug, to share the news that Angelo has just become the first ever British hairdresser to win a place on the totally awesome, jet-setting Sebastian Professional International Artist Team. And he’s based here, in picturesque Nottingham.
Notts TV recognized the scoop straight away (after we told them) and had him back on the couch for its 6.30pm show, where he looked gorgeous. Our ‘legend’ – Notts TV’s words, not ours – was totally at ease and soon had Twitter awash with his handle @angelovallillo
It was second time lucky for Angelo, Nottingham’s favourite hairdresser, who had auditioned for a spot on the team once before. Sebastian is a huge name in the hairdressing industry and it’s a massive deal to have been appointed, with Angelo beating stiff competition from some of the world’s top hairdressing talents to win a place on the 11-strong team. No one else in the UK was even considered for the auditions! He’s already done a photoshoot for the brand and will now be representing Sebastian globally at big hairdressing events, shows, training courses and seminars around the world.
It means a bit more globetrotting for Angelo, though he’s never been one to shy away from a bit of overseas travel, and it does mean he’ll be in and out of the salon a bit more. He will still be available for appointments with all his lovely clients, but book ahead. And he’ll be bringing back all that experience to share with the rest of the Zullo & Holland team, keeping us all on our toes, driving up standards and making sure we continue to offer the kind of top-level services that keep Z&H in the highest tier of UK hair salons.
Getting selected was a pretty tough process, involving a gruelling week-long audition in Madrid as well as all the prep work beforehand. Angelo had to impress Sebastian’s team of Global Artistic Directors, showing he had the talents and attitude needed to further Sebastian’s reputation as a leading creative force in world hairdressing. Angelo admits it’s the hardest thing he’s ever done, but says he can’t wait to get started. Well done, that man!

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