Nanokeratin Straightening

Now at Zullo & Holland

For beautiful, shiny and healthy-looking hair, Nanokeratin simply has no equal. If you’re fed up with tired, stressed hair or uncontrollable frizz, Nanokeratin’s innovative straightening and repair system is the answer.

Based on a nano-molecular keratin formulation and incorporating natural vitamins and essential oils, Nanokeratin is a unique treatment that reconstructs the hair fibre from the inside out, reviving and rejuvenating damaged, over-processed and out-of-condition hair. Properly applied by one of our expert stylists,tThe Nanokeratin system gives each hair shaft a silky-smooth protective shield that seals in shine and keeps harmful environmental toxins at bay.

Whatever your hair type and condition, Nanokeratin is custom-designed to nourish and care for your locks, giving a perfect, healthy shine that lasts for up to four months, and without the use of any harsh chemicals.

To find out how Nanokeratin can give you the condition and lustrous looks you’ve always wanted, ask a member of our knowledgable and helpful team, who will be more than happy to answer any questions or give you a full no-obligation consultation.

Nanokeratin Specialists