Nottingham’s finest hairdresser on show

Our creative director, Angelo Vallillo, stunned the crowds of hair-lovers gathered for the national Wella TrendVision 2015 finals in Amsterdam and London earlier this October with his remarkable show for Sebastian Professional. Working in collaboration with Sebastian creative directors Michael Polsinelli and Shay Dempsy, he wowed audiences of 4,000 and 2,000 respectively with his take on the new Sebastian Metamorphic collection, which he helped create.

Strong, truly original styling that looked fabulous whether viewed up close or from the back of the theatre was matched by an energetically vivid dance show.  In London, the crowd was confounded by a sleight of hand in which his model magically transformed from sopping wet hair to dry and fully coiffed within seconds during the show.

‘Ever since I walked away with the TrendVision trophy in 2009, I have been determined to create one of the amazing shows that always so impress the audiences,’ said Angelo, who is shortlisted in two British Hairdresser of the Year categories this year. ‘It’s amazing being able to perform at this huge event with so much energy and excitement. I was blown away by the audience’s response.’

Our hugely talented prinicpal stylist Simon was also competing in the Young Talent category, and though he didn’t win, we are all extremely proud of him for making the finals. He’s a brilliant hairdresser and it’s an awesome achievement.


Simon Tuckwell at TrendVision 2015

Earlier this year, Angelo became the first British hairdresser to join the elite group of stylists that make up the Sebastian International Art Team. Since then he has travelled extensively around Europe performing and educating.

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