Scissorboy TV homage to British Hairdressing

North-American based Scissorboy TV has just wrapped on a month-long shoot filming some of the biggest names in British hairdressing. And it is already planning a return trip to film more this summer.

Over the past four weeks, the team has captured 14 of the UK’s top stylists at work, including Angelo Vallillo, Errol Douglas, Carolyn Newman, Daniel Galvin, Mark Hayes, and Chris Foster. So far more than 70,000 hairstylists across the world have view the 10-minute long episodes in the British series. A new episode will be aired every week from now until September, with most focusing on cuts and colour, but there will also be features about running a successful salon business.

Scissorboy TV was set up in September 2008 by Grant Romundt and has since aired 113 episodes, mostly featuring American and Canadian hairdressers. In 2010, it attracted more than 150,000 unique viewers from 122 countries. Over the past month, Grant has filmed a further 18 episodes entirely in the UK.

“Whenever anyone talks about hairdressing, the most inspirational and amazing hairstylists seem to be from the UK. It’s the Ground Zero of hairdressing,” says Grant, who is returning in the summer to record a second British series. “I’ve already got some major names lined up for the summer which I’m really excited about. The aim of Scissorboy is to be educational and inspirational, and you can’t be that without featuring the guys from here.”

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